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Summertime vegan shaving soap, vegan base 130 g

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The weight
база мила
вибір аромату

Summertime is a soap made with vegetable oils.

The soap perfectly combines the classic approach to soap making with modern trends. The composition of the shaving soap is selected so that you can whip up a chic, creamy foam in the shortest possible time. Shea oil as a care component nourishes the skin and makes it smooth.

Soap is suitable for any type of skin, including sensitive and reactive.

- made on the basis of vegetable oils;

- does not contain synthetic surfactants;

- 99.8% natural product;

- enriched with shea oil.

It is a very fresh summer fragrance, that can remind these popular refreshing beverages, like mohito, but with main note of cucumber or watermelon. 

Fragrance type: fresh, green, flowery, aquatic

Top notes: lime, pepermint
Heart notes: cucumber, green tea
Final note: cucumber, green tea

Directions for use: For best lathering results, it is recommended to soak a small bar of soap in a scuttle/bowl in a small amount of warm water for a minute or two. Perfect creamy foam is best obtained when whipping with a synthetic brush.

Ingredients: saponified stearic acid, water, bear tallow, coconut oil; castor oil, glycerin, shea butter, mango butter, babassu butter, glyceryl monostearate, lanolin, sorbitol, sodium lactate, coconut milk, perfume composition

Reviews 3
Hello! fellow wet shavers. Alesia kindly sent me a sample of this soap and I'm not disappointed by its performance. The lather is very luxurious and it feels great on your face. The scent is like freshly cut grass. It's got the right name. The post shave leaves your skin feeling very clean and refreshed. If you get the chance give this soap a try. Thank you very much Alesia.
Дуже свіжий фруктовий аромат, який трохи зникає після розбивання піни, я не проти! База дуже хороша, відмінна піна і захист під час самого гоління! Для мене все мило унікальне, потрібно лише вибрати аромат, який подобається!
Неймовірне мыло!!!! База ведмежий жир. Дуже щільно лягає на обличчя, легко збивається, захист відчувається нереальний. Аромат свіжий літній.
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