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Shipment - we ship wordwide

For now only Ukrainian post delivery is available 


How much are the shipment costs?

It depends on the parcel weight. Unfortunately, it is impossible to count automatically shipping costs, please, wait for my email with total costs.

But for your understanding it is like this.

Total weight (+a paper shipment box and wrapping, it is about 100 g)

0-250 grams - 4.50 Euro 

250-500 grams - 8.50 Euro 

500-1000 grams - 15.85 Euro 

1000 - 2000 grams - 18.70 Euro 


Example: one soap with a jar is 150 grams

One set: soap 100-130 grams + aftershave 100 ml is 350 grams 


One set is about 20 Euro + 8.50 Euro shipment and you have about 50-100 grams of free space for the same shipping costs (you can add some samples to your order)

2 sets is about 40 Euro + 15.85 Euro shipment and you have about 200 grams free space for the same shipping costs (you can add one aftershave, or one soap more + 2 samples)


If you have any questions, please contact me (all contacts are on a contact page)