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База bear tallow, cow tallow, vegan

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Yuzu Melody shaving soap

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Yuzu is an unusual grapefruit flavor. Yuzu starts with top notes of mandarin orange, satsuma lemon and ruby red grapefruit, middle notes of bergamot and base notes of oakmoss and leather

Top notes: mandarin orange, satsuma, ruby grapefruit
Middle notes: bergamot
Base notes: oak moss, leather

This is a citrus fragrance with slight smokey notes. 
Sweetness: +
Season: summer 

Reviews 2
Дуже свіжий фруктовий аромат, який трохи зникає після розбивання піни, я не проти! База дуже хороша, відмінна піна і захист під час самого гоління! Для мене все мило унікальне, потрібно лише вибрати аромат, який подобається!
Yuzu Melody Soap and Splash. Away sensational! The soap is a bear tallow soap that is very easy to build into shaving foam. The soap feels very comfortable on the skin. The beautiful scent of ripe oranges pleasantly stings the nose throughout the shaving process. The blade glides through the beard hairs without any noticeable resistance. All the while the foam gives fantastic protection. When you apply the aftershave, you immediately notice that there is more. My deepest appreciation to Alesia for her work.
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