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The Blackest Night aftershave milk

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Areffa Soap aftershave milk will help soften the skin after shaving and protect it from irritation. It soothes and gives amazing smoothness and softness to the skin of the face. Comfortable and pleasant consistency makes it easy to apply on the face. The composition of aftershave milk is enriched with menthyl lactate. This is a hypoallergenic form of menthol treated with lactic acid, so the product pleasantly and unobtrusively cools the epidermis irritated by shaving, while calming and moisturizing the skin of the face.

Hamamelis and oak extracts, thanks to the tannins in these plants, quickly heal and regenerate damaged skin. A powerful combination of soothing active ingredients such as allantoin, bisabolol and D-panthenol instantly remove redness and irritation, relieve itching and any other discomfort that the skin may experience after shaving.

Aftershave milk: 

  • has a light creamy texture;
  • contains no alcohol;
  • quickly absorbed;
  • moisturizes the skin;
  • eliminates redness, peeling and irritation;
  • normalizes the natural pH of the skin.

The fragrance belongs to woody fougere with oud and woody smoky accents. The luxurious start captivates with the originality of hemp and the sophistication of green notes. In the heart - a luxurious ensemble of resins, woody notes, fragrant coffee and noble tobacco. In the final, warm notes of incense and balsamic oud with sweet and sour nuances envelop. Woody-herbal splendor is organically supported by tart and smoky notes, saturating the air with its exciting and unique charm. The Blackest Night fragrance is a unique understanding of elegance and sophistication.

Type of fragrance: woody, fougere.
Top notes: Green notes, Cannabis.
Heart note: Woody notes, Coffee, Resin, Tobacco.
Final note: Agar wood, Frankincense.

Directions for use: After shaving, apply to the skin in circular motions, massaging lightly. It can also act as a healing milk for the face and body, especially effective after sunburn.

Ingredients: water, emulsion wax, cetyl-stearyl alcohol, caprylic-capric triglycerides, perfume composition, dimethicone, menthol lactate, witch hazel extract, oak extract, sorbitol, allantoin, bisabolol, D-panthenol, benzyl alcohol, phenoxyethanol, vitamin E (tocopherol acetate).

Volume: tester - 10 ml.

in a glass bottle - 50 ml
in a glass bottle - 100 ml
in a plastic bottle - 200 ml

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