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Steel Credo preshave oil

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Steel Credo pre-shave oil from the Ukrainian brand is the result of a harmonious combination of handmade, well-chosen high-quality components and careful care, providing the most comfortable shave.
Natural oils in the composition, the absence of chemical additives and the unique gel texture of the oil will ideally prepare the skin for shaving. The oil protects the skin from irritation and makes the blade glide easily.

Supplied in a convenient plastic bottle with dispenser.
Gel texture.
Softens stubble for a more comfortable shave.
The formula does not contain parabens and silicones.
Suitable for all skin types.

The fantastic top notes of the exquisite perfumery bouquet surprise with a bright explosion of ripe pineapple, blackcurrant, fresh bergamot and green apple. The "heart" of the fragrance captivates with a melodic symphony of deep and rich notes of spicy rose, jasmine, birch and patchouli. The base of ambergris and oak moss, sprinkled with sweet vanilla, completes the composition. Challenging, invigorating and intoxicating, Steel Credo is the perfect fragrance for the modern man who has his own distinct style.

Aroma type: fruity, chypre.
Top notes: Bergamot, Indian pineapple, Red apple, Black currant.
Heart note: Birch, Jasmine, Patchouli leaves, Rose.
Final note: Amber, Vanilla, Oakmoss, Musk.

Using several products from the Steel Credo collection will create a reliable perfume base, preventing the transformation of the fragrance and retaining its original versatility for longer.

How to use: moisten the face with warm water, wipe lightly with a towel, without removing all the moisture from the face, apply the oil on the bristles in circular and rubbing movements. In this way, you will create a thin oil film that will protect your face during shaving. Without rinsing off the oil, use a shaving brush to lather and start a comfortable and pleasant shave.

Ingredients: macadamia oil, avocado oil, hemp oil, shea butter, olive oil, almond oil, caprylic-capric triglycerides, polyglyceryl cocoate, hydrogenated vegetable oil, vitamin E, perfume composition.

Volume: tester - 10 ml.
oil in a bottle with a dispenser - 30 ml.

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