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Аромат Time Dragon
База beef tallow

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Time Dragon shaving soap, beef base 130 g

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The weight
база мила
вибір аромату


An absolute novelty in the assortment of the Areffa Soap brand: soap cooked on beef fat, with a design stylized according to Slavic fairy tales.

Beef tallow based shaving soap "Time Dragon" perfectly combines the classic approach to soap making with modern trends. In this soap, emphasis was placed on obtaining a pleasant creamy foam with a high degree of skin protection, which is very important for a comfortable shave.


  • Suitable for any skin type.
  • cooked on the basis of beef fat;
  • does not contain synthetic surfactants;
  • 99.8% natural product;
  • enriched with shea, mango and kokum oils.

The fragrance "Flame Horynich" is authentic, without perfume analogs, through which the author of the fragrance wanted to convey the mood of the three-headed dragon as much as possible. The main notes of the fragrance are leather and smoked wood.

Type of aroma: leathery, woody
Top note: bergamot, saffron
Heart note: pine, balsam, white flowers, sandalwood
Base note: leather, oud, patchouli

Attention: very high stability of the aroma in steam lotion to soap, lasts up to 20 hours on the skin. The best way to experience the complexity and beauty of the fragrance is in the lotion.

Directions for use: In order to achieve the best foaming results, it is recommended to soak a small bar of soap in a scuttle/bowl in a small amount of warm water for a minute or two. Perfect creamy foam is best achieved when whipped with a synthetic spreader.

Ingredients: saponified stearic acid, beef fat, coconut oil. Glycerin, shea butter, sorbitol, lanolin, sodium lactate, sodium citrate, castor oil, goose fat, kokum oil, mango oil, perfume composition, vitamin E, cetyl stearyl alcohol, coconut cream

Diameter of the jar: 90 mm.
height: 40 mm.
Weight of container and soap: 150 g
The weight of the soap is 130 g


Reviews 4
I recommend to anyone who likes oud based scents. High performance as every of Areffa's shaving soaps.
Приєднуюсь до схвальних відгуків. Відчуття свята від мила. Можливо тому, що запускався як святкова серія на Новий Рік та Різдво))

Але от реально, дуже хочеться, щоб серія була не лімітованою, а увійшла в подальший продаж. Бо буде сумно, якщо воно зникне. Чудове мило, яке дарує відчуття свята.
ТТХ мила на найвищому рівні. Мило суперове
Мило просто супер! Аромат на висоті ! Взбивається за лічені секунди! Рекомендую!
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