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Аромат Golden Sunrise
База bear tallow

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Golden Sunrise shaving soap bear base 100 g

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база мила
вибір аромату

The Ukrainian artisan manufacturer offers an exclusive opportunity to try out soap brewed with bear fat, this is the highlight and the main feature of all fat soap lines, both hard and soft.
Bear fat contains beneficial omega 3 acids that are not synthesized in the human body, but are so beneficial for the skin. Especially mild effect of soap will be appreciated by people with problematic and reactive skin, prone to irritation and itching.
Bear fat has unique cosmetic properties:
- has a powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect;
- promotes rapid healing after cuts;
- instantly softens the skin.
Shaving Soap Golden Sunrise Areffa Soap perfectly combines the classic approach in soap making with modern trends. The composition of the soap is chosen so that you can whip up a chic, creamy lather in the shortest possible time. Shea butter as a care component, nourishes the skin, makes it smooth. Suitable for any skin type.

- Cooked on the basis of bear fat;
- does not contain synthetic surfactants;
- 99.8% natural product;
- enriched with shea butter.
Elegant and daring, laconic and luxurious Golden Sunrise fragrance is chosen by active representatives of the stronger sex, who are used to boldly step forward and always succeed. It emphasizes the romanticism or sexuality of its owner, focuses on his inner strength. A chic composition opens with a charming smell of grapefruit and red mandarin, which are mixed with mint. Leather and wood shades give the image sophistication and solidity, adequately completing the dynamic sound of the fragrant melody. With such a perfume composition, peaks are conquered and success always accompanies!

Aroma type: woody, spicy.
Top notes: Grapefruit, Red Orange, Mandarin.
Heart note: Lemongrass, Rose, Spices.
Final note: Amber, White wood, Leather, Patchouli.

The use of several products from the Golden Sunrise collection will create a reliable perfume base, preventing the transformation of the fragrance and retaining its original versatility longer.

Directions for use: For best results when lathering, it is recommended to soak a small bar of soap in a scuttle/bowl in a small amount of warm water for a minute or two. Perfect creamy foam is best obtained when whipping with a synthetic brush.

Ingredients: saponified stearic acid, water, bear tallow, coconut oil; castor oil, glycerin, shea butter, mango butter, babassu butter, glyceryl monostearate, lanolin, sorbitol, sodium lactate, coconut milk, perfume composition

Soap diameter: 90mm,
height: 40 mm.
Weight: tester - 15 g
soap in a jar - 100 g

Reviews 4
Відмінне мило та лосьйон.
Буду і інші варіанти замовляти.
Шикарний аромат.
Густа піна забезпечує чудове ковзання бритви. Доглядові якості на висоті!
A good soap with a reasonable price. The scent could be a bit more durable
Один з моїх улюблених ароматів. Також можу хіба що дифірамби співати цьому милу. Круте, зачотне, дивовижне!
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