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Agave shaving soap, vegan base 130 g

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база мила
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An amazing combination of kaffir lime with a fresh, green oakmoss scent. The scent is very inspiring and very fresh! The blue agave aroma begins with top notes of kaffir lime, lemon peel, apple and blackcurrant; then the middle notes of lily of the valley and rose petals are revealed; base notes of oak moss and white woods.

Top notes: kaffir lime, lemon peel, apple, black currant
Middle notes: lily of the valley, rose petals
Base notes: oak moss, white wood

This is a fresh citrus and flowery fragrance. 
Sweetness: ++
Season: summer 


Ingredients: saponified, stearic acid, coconut oil, cocoa butter, palm butter; shea butter, castor oil, avocado oil, babassu butter, mango butter, sodium lactate, sodium citrate, glycerin, sorbitol, perfume

Reviews 2
That product is absolutely brilliant.
My face has never been so well protected and moisturized during whole process of shaving.
For sure I will order more
goods in the future.
I look forward to check some aftershave product.
А це мило - було першим милом Олесі, яке я замовив собі в повному розмірі, не пробником. І досі воно є серед моїх улюблених. Дуже цікавий аромат. Ну і, як характерно для мила Олесі - чудові властивості.

З поверненням, веганська Агава, я дуже радий тебе бачити на сайті!)
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